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Mike Barlotta – 3 Characteristics of Predestination

, posted by g1antfan

In “The Softer Face of Calvinism” (Christianity Today), it is argued that, rather than appealing to theologians to understand Reformed theology, one should use the Reformed confessions and creeds. The confessions, therefore, form an important…

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This Week in Arminianism

, posted by SEA

Dale Wayman, of IRONSTRIKES, highlights: “Being Spiritual But Not Obnoxious,” “The Invisible Man and His Shadow,” and “God Welcome But Not Necessary.” Brendan Burnett, of The Lord’s Disciple, posts: “A.W. Tozer on Divine Sovereignty and…

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A Calvinistic Baptist Enlightened by Jacob Arminius

, posted by WilliamBirch

A Latin expression known as ad fontes translates, literally, “to the fountains,” interpreted as “to the sources,” a command to read primary sources. Dr. Mark A. Ellis, a Calvinist pastor of a Calvinistic Baptist church,…

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Michael Patton, “12 Myths About Arminianism”

, posted by g1antfan

C. Michael Patton runs a rather unique ministry in Oklahoma. He runs Reclaiming the Mind Ministries which includes such diverse offerings as a theological coffee house (Credo House), in-depth DVD courses taught by renowned scholars…

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